John – Experience in Lleida

27 mayo, 2019

I have had a wonderful experience on the programme! have been very lucky with my school and  my host families and I feel like I have learnt so much as well as having a lot of fun. I have already lived in Spain before but it’s been very interesting seeing the differences between life in Lugo and life here in Catalonia. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone regardless of what their future career may be as there are so many transferable skills. I’ve worked several different jobs in my life but none have been quite like this I love it!

I teach students from 3-16 and my classes vary. I work two weeks with infants and primary and then two weeks with secondary. With infants and primary, I usually either remain in the class and assist the teacher (mostly with primary 1 and 2) or I take small groups (3 or 4) out of the class and practise orally whichever topic they are studying. The majority of the time I also give them a mark out of ten just to record their progress. With secondary, I take half the class out for the full hour then repeat it with the other half the following class. Again we do work related to the current topic but sometimes I also like to cover certain things such as common errors I have noticed.

The main thing I can take away from my host families is that the most important thing is respect. Each family I have been with understand that from time to time I will want to go spend time with my friends and maybe spend an evening out and I also understand that I have certain responsibilities when at home to help out whether it be washing up or helping the kids with their homework. This can only work if there is a mutual respect between me and the family and I believe I have struck the balance with each family.

This photo was taken at my staff Christmas lunch. The two other teachers with me had also only been at the school for a few months but we all felt like we had been there for years, we were all made to feel so welcome and loved (I nearly cried).

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